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REL provide bearing from European manufacturer having experience in the development and manufacture having highly developed production processes with composite materials for slide bearing. These qualities of manufacturer make it as market leader ensuring high performance diesel and gas engine’s, used in marine and power plant. Bearing are made of material like aluminum and copper based alloy with high durability which  leads to increase engine performance by friction minimizing and higher pressure to protect engine from damages or breakdown. Engine Bearing covers:
Crankshaft bearing
Camshaft bearing
Connecting road bearings
Bearing keeps/housing
Thrust washers
Guide bearing shell
Besides, slide bearings are also integrated world widely in turbines, generators, gears and many more machine types apart from diesel and gas engines. Product range is available for:
  • Engine bearings for 2-stroke and 4-stroke large engines in ships, locomotives and stationary plants
  • Industrial bearings including thick-walled radial and axial slide bearings
  • Radial and axial tilting pad slide bearings for wide range of industrial applications
  • Slide bearings for hydroelectric power stations
  • Housing-type bearings standardized over various size categories for broad industrial use

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