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REL is supplying cylinder liners for heavy duty 2-stroke 4-stroke heavy-duty ranging from 150 to 500 mm for Diesel Gas engines. Our principals is working closely with manufacturer having years of experience in the production of heavy duty liners of centrifugally cast cylinder liners with different chemical structure, microstructure, and mechanical properties ranging from 150 to 500 mm  for Diesel and Gas engines for Power Plants and Marine. Mechanical as well as abrasion resistance-wise liners made of alloyed lamellar graphite cast iron.  Material used for cylinder liner production has a significant importance for its properties, mainly oil consumption, engine life & emissions.
Most of the cylinder liners are machined as finished parts including surface pre honing treatment, however, treatment such as annealing, chromium and nickel plating, roller brushing etc different surface treatments are used for the optimization of wear and stress resistance.
REL can also delivers Anti Polishing Rings (APR) for these cylinder liners.

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