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Cylinder Head Parts

REL delivers OEM Cylinder head components for 2 and 4 stroke engines.

Valve: Inlet and Exhaust valves, in valve steel with Stellite hardfacing and in Nimonic 80A or Nimonic 81 with Colmonoy  and coated with thermal barrier coating to withstand corrosion in the combustion area. 

Valve seats: Valve seats are hardened faced, acidic corrosion resistant seat of both cooled and uncooled version which are manufactured using innovative techniques to prevent coolant leak problem.


Valve Rotators (Rotocaps and Turnomats) : Valve rotators of ball and spring rotation and turnomated manufactured by our principal manufacturer in Europe which are precision crafted to exact tolerance optimized design and premium materials. Ball spring rotation valve rotator ensures that temperature is equally distributed to the valve head to prevent localized stress and early wear of the valves. Turnomats are the most sophisticated and effective rotators which enhance the economic performance of efficiency of the engine.

REL also supplying

  • Valve Spring
  • Valve Guide
  • Collects
  • Cylinder head Gaskets and  O-ring
  • Valve cages
  • Valve springs (Hot and Cold formed Helical compression springs.)

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