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Wartsila Parts

REL is the reliable source of OEM after market parts of Wartsila in the country.
We are supplying all types of aftermarket parts of heavy duty 2-stroke and 4-stroke Wartsila Gas, Diesel, HFO and Dual Fuel engine for Generator, Power Plants and Marine application.
We are sourcing all the excellent quality parts directly from the European principal who is the dealer of Wartsila OEM of Germany, Austria, Netherlands and others European countries.
Our stock covers the popular Wartsila Gas, Diesel, HFO and Dual Fuel engine model W20V32, 18V46GD, 12V46GD, 18V32LN.  However, we can supply parts for rest of the models.
Our principal is the leading suppliers of Wartsila aftermarket parts and keeping a huge stock to support on emergency basis.
Therefore,  we can supply wide range of Cylinder head, Cylinder head parts, Valve, valve guide, seat, spring, Rotocap, Pistons, Piston rings, Piston and gudgeon Pin, connecting, road Cylinder liner, all types of bearing, fuel system parts also parts of auxiliaries like air compressor, fuel/lube oil separator, Turbo charger.
We are supplying all the genuine parts at competitive prices with best after sales support
Please share your query to us at info@bdrel.com

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