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Seal, Gasket & O-Ring

Sealing sets, O-rings, Gaskets, sealing components for various engine makes & models are available.
NACF, stainless steel, graphite & composite (vulcanized) gaskets for various engine makes & models are always available in stock.
O-rings, slide rings, support rings, sealing washers & various types of sealing components in numerous materials are stored in a climate controlled chamber.
Sealing sets for cylinder head, fuel pump, injector, starting valve, oil filter, fuel filter & many other assemblies for various engines are delivered quickly.
REL can provide the following specialized gasket materials :
  • Cellulose Fiber/ Aramid Fiber/ Carbon Fiber/ Graphite with steel wire mesh inserts
  • Tanged Carbon Steel sandwiched gaskets
  • Natural Graphite with steel inserts
  • High temperature gaskets for the exhaust gas systems which can withstand temperatures of more than 600°C.

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