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Liquid Filter

Liquid Filter
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High pressure filter cartridge are designed for high pressure water injection and disposal, gas streams and processing. These filters are available for holding dirt in 50, 28 and 10 micron.
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Industrial Pleated filter cartridges were developed specifically for the demanding filtration requirements of oil and natural gas systems including amine sweetening and glycol dehydration. The absolute rated, rigid structure MAF Glycol filter cartridge delivers both consistent performance and significantly longer service life when compared to competitive product

Filter media : Resin Impregnated cellulose
With spring attachment
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Liquisep filter cartridges are mechanical devices to filter solids and separate two immiscible liquids.The most common uses are the filtration and separation of water from aviation fuel, light fuel oil, deisel, gasoline and various type of oil.The free water droplets and solid contaminants in hydrocarbons are, in the vast majority of cases, no more than a haze of microscopic particles suspended in the fuel and invisible to the naked eye.
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MAF Depth Wound Filter are unique filter cartridge specifically designed for critical filtration application.

Act as pre-filter to R/O membrane units in desalination plants, petroleum, chemical and water applications.

Design to increase
~ filtaration capacity, longer lifespan, & higher performance
~ enviroment safe & easy of disposal
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MB Bond filter cartridges are the most economical high purity filter cartridges available. Featuring a graded density matrix of uniform polypropylene fibers provides consistent filtration for a wide variety of fluids. No fiber finish or surfactants are present to generate extractable leading to foaming or other undesirable effects on the filtrate

Filter media : 100% Polypropylene fibers.
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RB Bond filter cartridges have a unique, proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in viscous fluid filtration applications. An outer, spiral, prefilter wrap increases cartridge strength and eliminates residual debris associated with conventional, machined, resin bonded cartridges

Filter media : Phenolic resin bonded
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MAF Water filter is composed of pleated media. This pleated type filter has the advantage of providing large media area which will ensure high filtration performance. Pleated Polyester paper is used as it has high burst strength, small pore size and good air permeability.

Available with 5,10,20,100 micron.

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