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Compressor (Starting air, working air and booster)

REL is supplying Sperre X Range Compressor, Classic Compressor for Starting air, Working air and Booster Air for high pressure.   
Sperre X Rnage and Classic compressors have a unique reputation they are by far the most frequently chosen compressors on the world. Sperre have both air cooled and water cooled air compressor.
Claasic compressor is the most popular one:
  • Built-in oil separator, substantial savings in installation
  • Easy to operate, no need for special training
  • Spare parts guaranteed for at least 30 years
  • It's the most reliable and cost-effective small compressor range.
  • Uniquely low life cycle cost
  • Simple maintenance and repair
  • No loose parts
  • Lower installation costs
X Range compressor
  • Modularization and multifunctional components
  • 50% less installation time (approx.)
  • Safe and green
  • Less weight: 25% for air cooled, 40% for water cooled
  • Fewer wear parts, more reliable, less maintenance and service
  • Lower average operational costs
  • Effective cyclone separator. Removes minimum 80% of water droplets at 30 barIntegrated non-return valve on the HP side
  • Automatic solenoid drain for combined draining and unloading function
  • One common drain point – easier installation
  • Higher quality compressed air
  • Cleaner air out to the system – at least 50% less oil content
  • Water content reduced by an average of 50%
  • Fully enclosed structure, protects both operator and compressor
  • Unmatched protection against hot surfaces and rotating parts
  • Compressed air isolated from water circuit
  • Pressurized air coolers outside the water jacket

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